Becoming His Vessel: The Habits (September 2021)

Becoming His Vessel: The Habits (September 2021)

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This is a foundational discipleship teaching intended for training each believer on how to live out one’s faith in Jesus Christ and bring Him glory. One is taught how to have an intimate relationship with God which leads to living for God. An experienced leader guides you into a life of meaning, encouraging, and holding you accountable for applying the essential principles, spiritual habits, and practices to your everyday life. 

Step 2: The Habits

Wednesdays, September 1 through October 20, 2021
Live Chat at 6:30 PM

This seven-lesson online training instills the necessary habits to incorporate into your life…to enable you to live a meaningful life. By incorporating these habits into your life, you are equipped to live and face life’s challenges in a way that brings God glory.