Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence, Vol. 2

Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence, Vol. 2

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By Sylvia Gunter

Prayer Essentials picks up where Prayer Portions left off. Prayer Essentials will whet your holy hunger to see God move in our day with His awesome reviving presence.

It will challenge you toward clean hands and pure heart and equip you for new levels of spiritual opposition. It builds on the Father-heart and intimate friendship with God in Prayer Portions.

It emphasizes the pleasures of prayer, beyond duty to joy and delight. It will lead you to actually keep company with God often in prayer, not just talk about prayer.

It will encourage your praying with a keen sense of the presence of God. It is for those who are serious about consciously living in God’s presence and praying by His direction.

It contains fresh inspiration for times when you have prayed everything you know to pray and need the help of the Holy Spirit in praying His prayers of worship, repentance, and warfare.
Sections include:
Intimacy With God In His Transforming Presence
Intercession By His Interceding Presence
The Word of God And His Living Presence